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January 21, 2009



These are great, John. I really enjoyed the pictures of Williamsburg, even though I see it every day. Had to laugh at the picture of your car with the ice on it. We've escaped here in Williamsburg so far, though we've had some cold days. All of us so enjoyed seeing you and being with you during your visit. It was great to get the whole family together during the holidays. A rare and special treat.


John -- It is so nice that you are back on your web site again. I always enjoy the various entries and keeping up with your experiences.

Yes, we were totally surprised, delightfully so, when you appeared in the front yard right before Christmas. You pulled a good one on us all right.

I can't tell you how thrilled Mom and I were to have you and all of your brothers and sisters together again after ten years. It was a sky-high experience for us and we enjoyed every minute of it.

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