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May 04, 2006



Wow John that is really something. I am so glad to see the parents and grandparents involved.

And that little kid in the box is too much! Just great! What a super idea!

Didn't see any football involved. Wouldn't that be a good time to show off American football?


John - That little kid down in the box putting prizes on a pole is the funniest thing ever. Priceless! I set the picture as the background on my computer at work, and every time someone goes by my desk they ask about it and I explain the story. Always gets a good laugh. Thanks for sharing.


It was very fun to watch some of the activities on the sports day. It reminded me of my school's sports day when I was young. But I think the mom with a banner is a new trend. Very funny^^


i love the weekly miniskirt pics...i should start a weekly clevage collection of pics from costa rica...because they love to wear some skantly clad boobalicous shirts here:)

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