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May 07, 2006



John -- That sounds soooooo exciting. It's got to be really great working with those kids, not only teaching them English, but teaching them football at the same time, and all the things that go with football, like teamwork, sportsmanship, paying attention to detail, and the physical aspects of the game, running, blocking, throwing, etc. Like you said, it is really a great experience for you and for the kids.

You are very fortunate also in having a principal who supports you and lets you try these new programs. That's a real blessing.

Do you think the day will ever come when your school plays another school in football? Wouldn't that be something?


Hey, John. It was great teaching football with you last summer at camp. It was HOT outside. It was so hot, that we had to give up on our plan to teach on the soccer field by the camp entrance because there wasn't enough shade and it was too far from the classroom building in case one of the kids got too hot.
To all of you who haven't shared teaching football with John, let me say this: John is a great football coach/teacher. He really is.
John is a bit of a mystery, a paradox, in a way because he is a really laid back guy and very easy to get along with, UNTIL you get him on the football, or athletic field, where you'd better watch out. Because he's coming for you as a competitor, but after the game, he's a great friend. Yeah, how do you pull that off, John? Larry


And you'd better watch out because if you don't want to play the game anymore, John might throw the ball at you as hard as he can - used to do that to me when we were kids and I don't know why because I was such a sweet little angel! Anyway, these kids look like they're really getting the hang of the game, it's great John!


I'm just happy to see you doing something in sports. Always was fun - well, most of the time - when you were growing up, and glad you still have that interest.

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