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July 06, 2006



We had a quiet 4th, but I watched some of the fireworks on TV. Don't like a lot of the ceremonies because they throw in a lot of stuff that has nothing to do with the event. Did watch the History Channel and a program on the Declaration. That was good. We'd been out to Capt. George's a couple of nights before and got terrible service - so I know how you feel. Never got our drinks, so I just went and took some off the waitress's tray as she was serving another table. Didn't yell at her though. We eventually got a bus guy to wait on us with water and coffee.


Oh man, those file forts made me laugh. That certainly is universal, huh? Nice looking lunch room and lunch group - do they make your food in a cafeteria with a hair-netted lady? It looks yummy. And I hope, after all you went through at Friday's, that you didn't have to pay for your cold, naked hamburger. That's just wack yo.


steeler - you gotta explode sometimes. and then after you explode, think of some long lost memory of bob ross painting some happy little trees.


Wow...I was really getting caught up in your story and the anger and frustration you were feeling. Thank goodness the minishort was just below that entry to get me back to a calmer state of mind...wow those are nice legs.


I don't remember "file forts"! I remember just using a piece of paper or my arm to cover up my papers.

Can't say I agree that your school lunch looks appetizing. Looks more like a snack!

I can empathize with your restaurant/hamburger experience. Lousy service can be universal. I guess I hadn't thought about there being TGI Friday's in Korea. If there's Wal-Mart and Mickey D's....why not TGI Friday too. Hmmm!

I am pleased you sent us a picture of you, for a change, and a smiling one, at that. Thanks for sharing your co-workers with us too.


Your school lunch looks better than mine. It wasn't my favorite day either. I don't like getting bad service at the restaurant. Also it's not very fun when John gets really upset like that.

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